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Rust remover Bilt Hamber Deox-C 5 kg

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Crystalline non-toxic rust remover, creates powerful corrosion removal bath.



deox-C is a crystalline, 100% active corrosion removal product formulated for the removal of corrosion products from steel, stainless steel and most ferrous materials. This product when dissolved in tap water, produces a bath of powerful rust removing liquid.

deox-C is extremely economical, for example just 1 kilogram of deox-C makes up to 20 litres of powerful rust removing bath. It will remove very heavy corrosion, but is safe to use on even the most delicate items. It is suitable for any object that can be completely immersed.

deox-C is harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Abrasive cleaning methods such as grinding, sanding or blast-cleaning will remove sound steel surrounding corroded areas. The risk of grit inclusion resultant from blast-cleaning, has been proven to cause early coating failure, corrosion and mechanical wear. Slag-based blast cleaning media all contain heavy metals which, when used in open-nozzle blast-cleaning equipment, liberate dust that may contain harmful levels of these elements. Use of deox-C will eliminate the risk of distortion to thin steel sections, which can result from the blast-cleaning process. Unlike abrasive methods, being a liquid, deox-C penetrates into any crevices and flaws to remove corrosion completely.

  • Easy to use requires no effort even on heavy rust.
  • Doesn't require constant attention - frees up valuable man hours.
  • Economical in use - concentrated powder dissolves from just 1 part in 19 parts of tap water to produce a powerful solution that can be reused.
  • Harmless non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Produces a microscopically clean bare metal finish (cleaner than a blast cleaned surface).
  • Does not destroy or distort delicate steel.
  • Harmless to glass, plastics, aluminium and chrome.
  • Gets into every flaw and crevice - the only way to get intricate parts totally clean.
  • Works on internal surfaces of hollow objects and structures.
  • Eliminates grit embedment - a recognised problem with blast cleaning that causes premature coating failure and destruction of engine parts upon reassembly.
  • Frees rust-frozen parts, without the need for heat. Will not anneal heat-treated components.
  • Based on renewable resources.


It should be noted that 5% or 10% solutions are very effective even for heavy corrosion removal and allow the economical production of sufficient quantities of liquid to submerge large objects. Always test deox-C at low addition rates it is often surprising to individuals that deox-C can do its job at these low rates. Increasing solution strength up to 20% will remove very heavy corrosion and increase the bath’s useful life, i.e. for prolonged repeated use.

Plastic, and stainless steel vessels are suitable for holding the prepared liquid. Steel and galvanised steel should not be used. Commonly available, useful, containers include: buckets, plastic dustbins, domestic water-storage tanks, etc. Remove any very loose corrosion, oil, grease and dirt before immersion. Grease and oil will prevent successful treatment. Whilst deox-C will remove very heavy corrosion it is preferable to remove loose corrosion mechanically to prolong the activity of deox-C. To increase treatment speed items should be removed from the solution occasionally; rust which appears to be still attached to the surfaces can be very easily brushed away using a stiff plastic-bristled, or wire-brush. Continue immersion until a clean rust-free surface is achieved. Prolonged soaking (+72hrs) may be required for very heavy corrosion especially at low temperatures. Remember to remove the article periodically to remove any surface build-up, this will help to keep the active deox-C solution at the work face. Very rapid corrosion removal is possible by heating the solution to 70oC Max (with, for example, suitable immersion heaters). Slow results will occur with temperatures at around 10oC. For hot tank applications it is preferable to prevent evaporation by using a loose fitting lid. When using hot-tanks check item hourly.

Rinse treated items with clean water; it may be necessary to agitate the surface with a stiff brush to remove debris accumulated in pits that were caused by corrosion. Dry surface after the rinsing process. If it is not intended to re-paint the item immediately Bilt-Hamber atom-mac can also be used to prevent flash corrosion before long term treatment is possible. deox-C baths will change colour as corrosion is removed, once the solution is saturated (very dark yellow /black) the rust removal capabilities will be exhausted.

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Gamintojas Bilt Hamber
Prekės kodas 5kg-jerrycan-deox-C
Svoris 5.5000
Matmenys / Tūris 5 kg / kanistras
Kilmės šalis Didžioji Britanija

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