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Collinite Marque D'Elegance No. 915 355 ml

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Last step concours paste wax. With the deepest carnauba shine, this top-shelf blend is the product to have for darker, pristinely-kept finishes.



Collinite devotes ridiculous amounts of #1 grade carnauba to all our pure wax formulations, but the No. 915 takes the gold cigar. With over 15% more than our No. 476s, the Marque D' Elegance boasts Collinite’s highest amount of rare carnauba; yielding our highest gloss and warmest shine to darker, meticulously maintained finishes. Look for exceptional durability and a price that’s hundreds less than other boutique brands.

  • Collinite’s highest concentration of rare carnauba wax.
  • Seals in prep work; enhancing showroom look while protecting finish.
  • Surpasses other high-end waxes in both durability and value.
  • Exterior automotive surfaces.
  • Clear-coat, single stage and lacquer paints.
  • NOT recommended for rubber, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic.


  1. Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  2. Surface should be dry, pre-cleaned (contaminant-free) and feel lukewarm to the touch.
  3. If minor paint defects exist (e.g. fine scratches, swirls) exist, first use Colliniote's No. 390 Pre-Wax Auto Polish.
  4. Apply a small amount of No. 915 to microfiber applicator pad and spread THIN and evenly across a 2x2 ft section at a time.
  5. As soon as wax dries/hazes, polish off with dry microfiber towel (turned over frequently).

Not recommended for rubber, trim or glass.

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Collinite
Prekės kodas CO-915
EAN 638234009157
Svoris 0.3600
Matmenys / Tūris 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Kilmės šalis Jungtinės Valstijos

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