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Collinite Metal Wax No. 850 473 ml

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All In One Medium Cut Polish. Easy to use hand polish for weathered, bare metals restores and protects in one single operation.



Brings your boat's faded, rusted, and tarnished metal accessories and fittings back to life. This rejuvenating polish saves both time and money by combining restorative and protective properties in one step. Safely removes stubborn discoloration, mild rust, oxidation, and blemishes. Wipes off to reveal high luster shine and coating that guards against future rust, stains, and weathering. For a variety of marine metal finishes; non-coated and non-painted metals.

  • Removes rust, salt deposits and heavy film.
  • Leaves behind radiant, durable wax coating.
  • Protects against future pitting and corrosion.
  • Marine application; railings, deck hardware, fittings, cleats, fastenings, stanchions, etc.
  • Tarnished, soiled, lightly rusted, stained, discolored or weathered non-coated and non-painted exterior metals; including aluminum, chrome, brass, copper, and stainless steel.
  • Check first with metal manufacturer or Collinite before use if surface or application is not mentioned above.

NOT FOR USE ON: Anodized aluminum, Painted metals, Clear coat paint, Chrome clad, Galvanized metaL, Household or automotive use; as many of these painted metal surfaces (e.g. appliances, trim) are commonly mistaken for bare metals.

Metal surfaces in good or like-new condition where surface restoration and polishing agents/abrasives are not required. For metals in good or like-new condition, use one of Collinite’s last step waxes (No. 845, 925 or 885) to enhance shine and protect the finish.


  1. Place finger over cap and shake well before using.
  2. Apply a drop of No.850 to microfiber applicator pad and spread evenly across a 1x1 ft section. Rub well to loosen all tarnish, rust etc.
  3. As product begins to dry, polish off with dry microfiber towel.
  4. Reapply as necessary for stubborn contamination.
  5. To obtain added protective durability on clean surface, follow up with one of Collinite’s last step waxes (No. 845, 925 or 885).

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Collinite
Prekės kodas CO-850
EAN 63823400850
Svoris 0.5750
Matmenys / Tūris 16 fl oz (473 ml)
Kilmės šalis Jungtinės Valstijos

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