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Collinite Mister Collins Post Haste Detailer No. 520 473 ml

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This quick detailer is a fast and protective shine between washes. The product easily eliminates light contaminants between washes while enhancing wax look and durability.



All new quick detailer combines high lubricity cleansers + Collinite’s legendary polymer-carnauba wax protection for a unique bead and sheet shine. No. 520 safely and easily eliminates light contaminants between washes while enhancing your Collinite No. 845, 476 or 915 wax look and durability. Ideal for fast touch ups; removal of light water spots, prints, smudges, dust, pollen, droppings, automatic car wash residue and more. Leaves behind a lasting, high gloss shine that beads AND sheets. Recommended for exterior surfaces only; paint (non-matte) and trim.

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Removes light water spots, prints, smudges, wash residue and more.
  • Insulated with Collinite wax to protect & preserve 476, 845 or 915 look and bond.
  • Leaves behind a high gloss, bead & sheet shine.
  • For exterior use only; safe on paint and trim.
  • NOT recommended for interior use or matte paint.


  1. Shake well before using.
  2. For best results use a 2 microfiber towel process.
  3. Mist product onto one 3x3 ft section at a time.
  4. With towel 1 folded into a pad, quickly spread product evenly on surface.
  5. Before product dries, use dry section of towel 2 to wipe and buff surface to a high gloss shine. Flip and change towels as necessary.

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Collinite
Prekės kodas CO-520
EAN 6382340052012
Svoris 0.5300
Matmenys / Tūris 16 fl oz (473 ml)
Kilmės šalis Jungtinės Valstijos

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