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Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection 1l - polymer sealing blend

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Long-term sealant for lasting coating preservation and protection producing also deep shine.



Menzerna Power Lock Ultimete Protection (PLUP) is is the long-lasting polymer coating sealant for all automotive clear coats that will give your paint a deep shine and ultimate protection. The product effectively seals the coating surface for long-lasting preservation. Protects against damaging environmental influences while maintaining a brilliant deep gloss. It will repel industrial fallout, road grime, brake dust, moisture, bugs, dirt, dust, etc.


  • Polymer Blend
  • Long-lasting, maximum protection and ultimate beading effect, resistant against environmental influences
  • Protects the vehicle’s value
  • Suitable for rotative and eccentric or manual application


  • 1. Coating surfaces should be free of residues such as grease or wax. For the best results, clean the surfaces first with Menzerna Control Cleaner.
  • 2. Apply with eccentrical machine or by hand.
  • 3. After application, allow the product to set and dry completely and then clean with a fresh microfibre cloth.

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Menzerna
Prekės kodas 22070.261.001
Svoris 1.0770
Matmenys / Tūris 1 l / butelis
Kilmės šalis Vokietija

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