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Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300, High Performance Compound, 1kg, 22746.261.001

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Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 is the ultimate sanding polish for automotive clear coats with maximum sanding effect featuring the latest technology. SHCC 300 removes 1200 grit sanding marks and signs of use in the shortest time without damaging the surface.



Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 is the all new heaviest cutting and correction compound from Menzerna, packed with 25% more correctional ability than FG400! Because it's packed with even more extremely refined aluminium oxide Menzerna Super Heavy Cut is able to remove scuffs, scratches and swirl marks from even the toughest paints. As with all Menzerna polish it is manufactured using the most uniform shaped abrasive articles, which not only results in a high level of cut, but also a level of shine that shouldn't be achievable from a product with this level of cut. It is so effective at not inducing hazing that it possible on harder paints to go directly from compounding to a finishing product.

Menzerna Super Heavy Cut also produces very little in the way of dust and offers longer working times making this polish pleasant to work with. Therefore this polish is highly recommended on all harder paints and where there are heavier scuff, scratches or swirl marks.

Technical specification:

  • Maximum in abrasion
  • Fast Cutting Action
  • Low Dusting
  • Removes P1200 with wool cut pad, P1500 with heavy cut foam pad
  • Silicone & Filler Free
  • Cut: 8/10
  • Gloss: 8/10


Apply a small quantity of the product and polish well. Removal of sanding marks P1500 with Heavy Cut Foam Pad, P1200 with Wool Cut Pad.

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Menzerna
Prekės kodas 22746.261.001
EAN 4260063011122
Svoris 1.1500
Matmenys / Tūris 1 kg / butelis
Kilmės šalis Vokietija

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