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Riwax® High End Coating 200ml

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Exclusive high-quality car wax with protection for up to one year. Produces brilliant deep shine and outstanding water-repellency.



Riwax® High End Coating is a very exclusive, high-quality paintwork enhancer which provides protection for up to one year. The wax creates a brilliant deep shine and delivers outstanding water-repellent properties.


  • 1. First clean and dry the vehicle thoroughly.
  • 2. We recommend using the Clean Clay Cloth to ensure that the surface is clean and smooth.
  • 3. Place a small quantity of High End Coating to a black (soft) polishing pad or cloth and apply it evenly by hand or machine to the paintwork.
  • 4. For the best results leave the wax coating for a half of day to take effect and produce maximum preservation. Minimum dwell time 1 hour.
  • 5. Remove the applied wax in full by hand using a microfiber cloth or with a polishing hood on a black (soft) polishing pad mechanically.
  • 6. If the wax adheres to the paintwork, it can be rubbed off using a damp microfibre cloth.

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Riwax
Prekės kodas 01125-02
EAN 7611905901748
Svoris 0.2950
Matmenys / Tūris 200 ml / butelis
Kilmės šalis Šveicarija

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