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Soft99 Digloss Kamitore Wheel and Tire Cleaner 800 ml

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2-in-1 wheel & tyre cleaning action!


A powerful tyre and rims cleaner that effectively breaks up and removes brake dust, tar and other types of dirt. Forms a protective film that prevents dirt from building up again. Specially designed to safely clean many types of tyres and rims, ideal for use with brush. Profiled handle makes work easier and offers space to hold brushes. Can be used on hubcaps. Do not use on polished, anodised rims or rims made of materials other than steel or aluminium (e.g., magnesium).


  1. Shake the bottle and turn the atomiser to the open position (出 symbol).
  2. Apply the product multiple times to the wheel surface from about 10-15 cm.
  3. Wait approx. 30 seconds and start cleaning with brush (we recommend Soft99 brushes: Kamitore Tire Brush or Kamitore Tire Sponge).
  4. Thoroughly rinse the surface with high pressure water.
  5. Ensure that you have thoroughly removed the product, drying the wheels with a towel or microfibre if necessary. Rinse the trigger nozzle with water.

Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Soft99
Prekės kodas 02098
EAN 4975759020981
Svoris 0.9800
Matmenys / Tūris 800 ml
Kilmės šalis Japonija

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