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Soft99 Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier - All Color - 500 ml

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Super-durable fluoropolymer spray wax, which cleans and coats simultaneously, providing hydrophobic and anti-fouling result up to 180 days.



New improved formula protects your cart paint creating a hydrophobic, colour-tinting layer durable to up to 6 months! Greater capacity and delicate mango scent increases comfort of work. The spray can be used as a standalone wax, or as an enhancer for vehicles already protected with wax coatings.


  • Lasts up to 180 days;
  • Cleaning and coating simultaneously;
  • Hydrophobic and anti-fouling;
  • Cleaning and gloss-enhancing;
  • Anti-scratch and paint protecting;
  • One bottle should coat 5 medium-sized vehicles;
  • Recommended for maintaining Fusso Coat series.


  • 1. If the vehicle is partucularly dirty, wash and dry before using this product.
  • 2. Shake the bottle well, set the nozzle to "ON" and spray onto the car body, spacing shots by around 30 cm.
  • 3. With a clean dry towel, spread the liquid evenly across the surface, then wipe into the surface until glossy. Do not allow to dry. If difficult to spread, use a fresh piece of towel.

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Gamintojas Soft99
Prekės kodas 10291
EAN 4975759102915
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Matmenys / Tūris 500 ml / butelis
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