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Soft99 Set Mirror Shine Wax Dark + Rain Drop Bazooka

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Deep mirrored gloss + instant protective sealant for all car surfaces.

Included in the scope of delivery:

Soft99 Rain Drop Bazooka 300 ml
Soft99 Mirror Shine Wax Dark 200g 00374


Mirror Shine Wax Dark

Mirror Shine, living up completely to its name, will create a mirror-like, shiny and hydrophobic layer on your car paint. It is a very good alternative for those in constant hurry , as the wax is very easy to apply – you apply it straight onto the paint with the included microfiber cloth, the effects are immediate! Available in two tone variations to produce best results depending on your car paint colour.

Rain Drop

Rain Drop is an instant protective sealant for all car surfaces! Applied on a wet surface, right after washing, Rain Drop works great as a stand-alone sealant or booster of already applied coatings. It provides strong hydrophobic effect, high gloss, protection, and covers.

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Prekės kodas 00374+00526
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Kilmės šalis Japonija

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